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Northwest coast art created by Jamie Nole
Story sharing of empowerment, specifically women warriors.

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Jamie Nole


Jamie Nole is a Northwest Coast artist inspired by  stories; specifically female empowerment. She creates work to tell stories through her paint brush, carving tools, and many other mediums.  Jamie wants to share these stories through her art, in hopes to be a part of female empowerment.
Jamie wants the the name INJANE to be known as empowering to other women.



Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition serigraph prints designed, signed, numbered, and shipped with a thank you note written by Jamie Nole.


Original Paintings

Unique works of art created by Jamie Nole, inspired by stories of modern day lives.


Authentic Carvings

Carved, painted, preserved, and signed by Jamie Nole.  Also includes a certificate of authenticity.