Ete'e Meduh (Thank You Father)

Ete'e Meduh (Thank You Father)


Limited edition of 100
21 x 16.5 inches

When Frog-Child was nine years old, Father-Wolf was challenged with becoming a single parent.  It was considerably tough for Father-Wolf, especially since he was already struggling with depression. Although regardless of the sadness in his life, he did his best to raise Frog-Child in a loving and caring home. Father-Wolf didn’t like Frog-Child to be out of hand’s reach and often carried Frog-Child on his back. He taught Frog-Child many things, yet at the same time pampered Frog-Child every chance he could. Father-Wolf put up a great fight against his sadness for the sake of Frog-Child. In loving devotion to Father-Wolf, Frog child will forever hold these memories in high regard.

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Artist Note:
"Ete'e Meduh" translated to English as "Thank You Father" from the Tahltan language.
I was inspired to paint “Thank You Father” as a dedication to my father, who was a single-dad for the last few years of his life. There are many memories I love to look back on: Bike-rides to the lake; staying up late playing Nintendo 64; learning how to cook; taking care of each other; and all the support he gave me to become an artist. As a teen, I lived a sheltered life because of my dad’s protection but have recently have learned to take giant leaps forward knowing he is looking down on me with pride.