The Pregnant Frog Woman

The Pregnant Frog Woman


Limited edition of 200

Alone with her baby, awaiting her next big adventure of being a mom. She knows it will be tough, but she also knows it will be worth it along the way. She dreams of all the things they’ll do together and all the things she’ll teach her baby.  Sometimes she’ll worry, but holding her unborn baby and feeling his or her kick’s bring her comfort.

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Artist Note
When I found out I was pregnant I did a rough sketch of the Pregnant Frog Woman. During my pregnancy I kept working on the sketch until it was to my liking, and finalized the drawing.  After I had my son I decided to paint the drawing, which took quite a while because I was a new and single mom. I took my time on the painting as I wanted it to be perfect. There were times I’d hold my son Carlisle in my arms while I paint; or rock him while he’s in his bouncer with my foot. Eventually Carlisle was getting old enough to pull himself up on the coffee table I painted on. In less than two years of hard work and determination, I finally completed the Pregnant Frog Woman. I had no plans on sharing it with the public, so I kept it to myself for the next two years. It wasn't until the Spring of 2015 that I decided to display my painting on Facebook where it received a numerous amount of compliments.  I was deeply inspired by the response and will always look to this painting as the motivation to believing in myself as a successful artist.