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Jamie Nole is from the Tahltan Nation and Nisga’a Nation of the Ganada House – Frog clan. She currently resides in Terrace, British Columbia.  She is a multitalented artist with a natural creativity, helping her learn First Nations Fine Arts, Cedar Bark Weaving, and a variety of other artistic mediums.
Since Jamie could pick up a pencil, her natural artistic talent was encouraged by her supportive parents.  She was provided with her own work space, including a desk with all the supplies she ever needed and a lot of praise.  When Jamie was 7 years old, she began to learn Northwest Coast art with her art teacher Huey Carlick.  At this age, Jamie also learned how to sew a button blanket and made her first crest design.
While Jamie was in high school she learned the strict rules of First Nations Fine Arts through Todd Stephens. She graduated in 2011 with the help of her very supportive teachers who always pushed her to do her best and never give up on her dream of becoming a successful artist.
Jamie sold her first painting in 2011, and did her first commission in 2012.  In 2013, Jamie won a design contest for the Terrace Nisga’a dance group.  In 2014, Jamie won a contest designing a community mural with the Terrace Nisga’a Office, and later was contracted to paint the mural.  In 2015, Jamie acquired her first set of limited edition prints of her painting the “Pregnant Frog Woman”.   The painting has a lot of meaning to her and represents the start-up of her business Injane’s Art Life. Jamie also graduated from the Freda Diesing school of Northwest Coast Art in 2017, which is instructed and mentored by world renowned artist Dempsey Bob, Stan Bevan, Ken McNeil, and Dean Heron.
 Jamie’s goal is do what she always wanted to do as a child – to be an artist. 



More about Jamie

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“The $1,000 first place award was given to Jamie Nole, for her piece “Unfrogettable”, painted on wood using her trademark green painted elements.”
- Northwest Community College
(Now Coast Mountain College)


CBC Phone Interview

“Jamie Nole, a member of the Frog clan and from the Tahltan and Nisga’a Nations, has several paintings on wood and paper in the exhibit. Nole said art helped her deal with trauma in her life.
’Making art definitely helps make me feel better,’ she told CBC Radio’s North By Northwest host Sheryl MacKay.”

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Big City Art

“#5 on my Top 10 Art Finds of 2018 is ... drum roll please ... Preserving Traditions by Jamie Nole! This artist is one to watch. I was particularly impressed with this tiny little painting.“
- Big City Art