Unfrogettable (AP)

Unfrogettable (AP)


Don’t “froget” where you came from.
Blood or non-blood relatives; good memories or bad memories; don’t forget where you came from, your past is what makes you, You. Be thankful for your journey thus far, you’ve came quite the way.


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The Marking
Each year, Terrace’s Northwest Community College (NWCC) offers the President’s Art Award in recognition of excellent works of art created by students of the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art.  In 2017, Jamie Nole won the award with her painting “Unfrogettable”.  The painting was purchased by the college and is now a part of their permanent collection.  The prize package was great, with Jamie acquiring some cash and 10 Artist Proofs (A/P’s).  There were also 25 regular prints made of this painting, all of which the college now owns. 

Artist Note: I was inspired to do this piece once I realized how much my family were there for me; cheering me on, helping me, and encouraging me to never give up. I then started to think back to all the other times family were helpful – good and bad experiences.